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At some point you will have to replace your roof in Orange and no matter how much care you put into it.For a successful flat roof replacement, detailed examination of the roof area with damage analysis is essential. Before we replace your flat roof or create an individually tailored flat roof replacement plan, a site inspection is required. Only when the construction and condition of the flat roof are known in detail, a decision on the remedial measures can be made and carried out.
The following is a sample of what we look for in our inspections:
Type of existing flat roof waterproofing
Layer sequence of the flat roof structure and state of functional layers
Moisture content in the insulation, capable of penetration with the use of IR scans
Technical installations on the roof (skylights, HVAC, air units, etc.)
Existing damage to the sealing surfaces
Notes regarding the emergence and details of flat roof damage.

Customer service:
Many a times, if you want to do something about roofing, you call the company and they will tell you an estimate cost about it. Which apparently changes a lot after the roofing is done. And this is one of the biggest sources of customer disappointment. But here at Orange’s Roofing Company, we are quite non-orthodox. For us, it’s our customer first and the profit second. One of our personnel will personally come to your house, assess it and then give you a proper estimate. And you know this estimate is very close to the actual value because our person has done his homework right. This work is quite reliable and for you this will be a great source of learning because our man will be explaining things to you as he see them therefore you will be learning about roofing a little bit as well. Therefore, we are quite focused on the point of quality at a reasonable price


Quality Roofing Contractor:
Here at Orange Roofing Company, quality is of utmost importance. We are roofing contractors who not only do new installation of roofing but also repairs on it. And if some roofing needs replacement we can also perform that. Doing the work with dedication is in own top priority charts.
Our personnel are experienced and this experience when brought on the actual work brings fruit, and this fruit is in the form of Service Awards who are the proofs of our utmost dedication.
We always use quality materials in our work and through proper installation and ventilation the overall utility cost is reduced.
Our top quality materials including algae resistant and waterproofing products keep your roofs healthy for many years. Believe me; work done by us and you will have a life of ease for many a time to come. We provide our facilities in Orangeand further contact info can be found on the website.
No Obligation
Why wait? If you have been thinking about a new roof or new siding installation, installing more efficient windows, more effective gutters, or even taking care of an existing repair, give us a call! We know that you will enjoy meeting with our superior craftsman. We are offering you a straightforward, no gimmicks, no-obligation, free inspection and estimate. You won’t have to deal with any high-pressure salespeople, and you’ll know that you’re protected by our superb reputation and 100% guarantee on all our work. Give us a call today at

Our services:
Roof Replacement Siding Repairs Chimney Repairs & Flashing EPDM Rubber Roofing Flat Roofs Gutters & Leaders Leak Repairs Plywood Deterioration Shingle Roofing Skylights (Installation & Repairs) Vinyl Siding Windows

Our Review

24 Nov 2015

Orange Roofing

Mark and his crew are the best! Professional, prompt, upfront, communicative, quality work, reasonably priced -- what more can you ask for. They replaced a leaky skylight, repaired parts of my roof, and cleaned out my gutters. I highly recommend Orange Roofing for any roof work you need done!

24 Nov 2015

Orange Roofing

Orange Roofing is a very professional company. They are on time, do not recommend replacements when repairs are needed, or will do, and they haul away garbage. They discuss options with you, make a recommendation and then execute your preference. They are prepared and efficient at the job site. I've hired them several times and would recommend them to anyone needing roof or related work done, such as replacing clay tile, fixing a problem with a flat composition roof, or re-flashing, or working around the chimney, and gutters. They clean up after themselves so that you'd never know they were on site. They return calls promptly, like same day, usually, no matter if a call placed morning or afternoon. So refreshing dealing with real pros like Orange .

8901 Marmora Road, Orange 222222.

Telephone: 301-111-1111


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